Replacing one tooth

A crown mounted on a dental implant is the best choice if you have a tooth missing in the upper or lower jaw. The need to replace a missing tooth could be the result of an accident or because there was no predisposition for a tooth at birth.


Step 1

The jaw is X-rayed to check the condition of the bone tissue. An impression is made of the jaw and existing teeth, forming an important platform for treatment planning.


Step 2

The dental implant is placed in the jawbone. No healthy teeth are affected or damaged. With other replacement solutions, adjacent teeth might need to be ground down to support a bridge.


Step 3

The abutment is attached to the dental implant. A crown is then placed on the abutment, fitting perfectly at the edge of the gum.


Step 4

The new tooth is now complete and it is virtually impossible to see the difference between the existing teeth and the new tooth.

Carola: “I would definitely make the same choice again!”

Dental implants require supportive care routines in order to maintain their functionality.

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