Are you considering a dental implant?

Having a dental implant is a lifelong investment. To be sure of choosing the right implant system, you should ask your dentist three important questions.

1. What is the success rate for the implant system?

Man and woman sitting togetherThe success rate indicates the proportion of all the system's implants that have grown into the dentin and function without problems. Implants by DENTSPLY Implants report a success rate of 98 to 100 percent. We provide dentists with lifetime guarantees for most of our products. We can do this because our products are developed in accordance with biological and biomechanical principles, and because their unique design gives the implant superior durability.

2. How well will the bone level be maintained?

The quality and quantity of the jawbone is an important factor in determining how well the implant grows into the bone tissue. It is therefore vital to retain as much of the jawbone tissue as possible for long-term functional and esthetic results. One known complication when an implant is inserted is what is known as marginal bone loss, which causes sinking in the area around the implant. Thousands of patients using implants by DENTSPLY Implants were monitored and X-rayed by independent researchers and dentists over a five-year period. Studies demonstrate that implants from DENTSPLY Implants result in three to four times better bone level maintenance than the accepted standard norm.

3. Does any scientific documentation exist?

There are currently over 140 dental implant manufacturers on the international market, and many systems come and go. Several of them have simply disappeared when their implants have turned out to be of inadequate quality, causing serious problems for both the patient and dentist. One of the reasons for this is that the systems were not tested and scientifically documented before being used in a clinical setting. For this reason, we advise all dentists to seek documentation and take a critical view of scientific articles and studies regarding dental implants. Why was the study carried out, and what does it really tell us? How many patients and dental clinics were involved? When did the implant start being monitored? 
Implants by DENTSPLY Implants are one of the world's most well-documented systems. Studies show exceptional results in terms of both function and esthetics, and prove that we can stand up to inspection by researchers, clinics and patients.

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